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You've likely got the perfect spot for variegated liriope. It grows in any well-drained soil, an asset especially to dry and sandy soils. A variegated liriope plant can thrive in anything from full sun to full shade; in borders, containers, spread as a ground cover, clumped in a rock garden, or all along a woodland garden. A stylish walkway liner that deer rarely bother, liriope variegated produces plenty of bushy, variegated leaves along with purple blooms from midsummer to early fall. The flowers of variegated liriope grass are intricate, vivid, and reminiscent of grape hyacinths. Liriope muscari 'Variegata'  Hardiness zones 5-10.  * We ship during the best time for your zone, if you have questions please drop us a line.


SKU: 00010
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