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The Full Story about

Westwood Farm & Nursery

Westwood Farm was founded in 1922 by my family. It started out as a very humble farm, producing organic meats and vegetables. My family continued to raise livestock and crops this way. We follow their beloved tradition to this day. We do not use chemicals on any of our stock. We still preserve our food in the traditional way and enjoy sharing this knowledge with future generations.
Join our Facebook page "Westwood Farm & Nursery" to view our free canning classes.  We also do them on Youtube if you prefer that platform.



Our mission is to share our unique products with our clients.  We also love to share our knowledge of organic farming and food preservation.  Some of these skills are at risk of being lost forever.


Our vision is to see a healthier planet, healthier people with a genuine understanding of where their food comes from.  We hope everyone learns about the risks of today's market, how to grow their own food and preserve it safely.  

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