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Vine Peach, mango melon, or victorian perfume melon is a surprising melon of many names that is easy to grow, prolific and able to do several jobs in your garden. The small baseball size melons are highly aromatic with a mild flavor when grown in rich soil. The abundance of vines, leafy shade and fruit make an excellent trellis planting around the garden border providing shade and windbreak while acting as a decoy for thieving wildlife, who take the melons and often leave the rest of the garden alone. They are very hardy, drought tolerant and mostly insect resistant.  Best used in jams, relish or to perfume the home.  Low sugar content for a melon, so if you dont mind the neutral taste and are watching your sugar, this may be the melon for you.  Best grown in full sun, small vining plant, does just fine in large pots, 80 days till harvest.


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